VA Industry Spotlight

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Paula Williams of Money Penny Assistants tells us all about life as a Virtual Assistant on the road.


For the last seven years Paula has been traveling, living full-time in an RV with her boyfriend, a contract helicopter pilot and their 12 yr old 3 legged dog. Prior to running off into life’s newest adventure, Paula was coordinator of a busy Visitors Bureau in California. As her first experience with the tourism industry; this helped encouraged the travel bug to take hold. In 2005, she started searching the web for “at home” opportunities to utilize her administrative, organizational and customer service skills.

Researching the VA Industry, finding support on a message forum, and following the advice from books on the subject, such as Become a Highly Successful, Sought after VA by Diana Ennen, she registered her first business license and started her own VA business, Moneypenny Assistants.