The VA Talk Show is back with another informative yet entertaining show for anyone who is a Virtual Assistant. Entrepreneurs who work from home will also love our business podcast since it is full of some educational and interesting info to help swing your business into a successful circle. For our show’s lineup, we’ve got Mary-lou Ashton as our guest speaker, I’ll be sharing with you some of my affiliate secrets, RocNred is here on RocNtalk to tell us what to look for when buying a laptop and Karri joins me on WebWhys as we discuss meta-tags and why we should use them in our websites to help us rank higher in the search engines. PHEW! That is a mouthful but one to definitely savor. Enjoy!

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VA Guest Speaker
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Mary-Lou Ashton joins us to discuss "Finding Your Ideal Client and the Laws of Attraction". It’s a podcast you won’t want to miss if you are looking to take your virtual business to the next level.

Mary-Lou Ashton is the owner of the Virtual Assistant Training Program (VATP) based out of Powell River, B.C. Canada. The VATP delivers a cost effective, convenient and high quality training program for individuals wanting to pursue the VA profession. Canada’s first VA training program’s vision is "The term Virtual Assistant is part of our everyday language."

About The Virtual Assistant Training Program (VATP)

The VATP is about making dreams of working from home, and being successful doing something you love, a reality. Building a strong foundation for your business ensures long-term survivability and financial viability. This 12-week program consisting of teleclasses and one-on-one coaching will support you in building the foundation you need to be successful. Whether you are looking to transition from the corporate world or are struggling with your own VA business we can help shorten the learning curves and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

VANA membership entitles you to a 10% discount on tuition fees. Mention to Mary-Lou that you are a VANA member to receive your discount.

Tawnya Time:

Here are Alice Seba’s affiliate programs I mentioned in the podcast today.

Marketing Sweetie

by Alice Seba
Are you tired of all the “miracle” Affiliate marketing software
and products being peddled out here? Have you ever bought a piece of software
that promised you quick Internet riches, only to find the software produced
garbage to spam search engines – likely to get you banned from Google,
Yahoo and MSN?
me too.
good news is there IS a way for you to make it in affiliate marketing
without taking out a second mortgage on your house or spending all your
time chained to your computer. And thank goodness, you don’t have
to fall for any of these shady programs again. More
Info …
Manager Sweetie

by Alice Seba
If you’ve thought about starting your own affiliate program or already
have a program that’s not living up to your expectations, this is going
to be good news for you. It’s no secret that running your own affiliate
program allows you to recruit your own sales force that you don’t have
to pay until they produce results. That’s a great deal – but how do you
ensure sure you ACTUALLY get those affiliates that produce results? Sometimes
it’s not so easy
Alice Seba has it covered for you in her Affiliate Manager Sweetie course
that has been dubbed the "Step-by-Step No-Fluff Guide to Affiliate
Management". The title is certainly well-deserved. More
Info …

Here is the Affiliate Manager Software I love too:

Roc Talk
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Brent Reilly of PC Computer Help gives us some informative tips on what to look for when buying a laptop.

I know I did not stress this enough in the podcast, but I do believe that the new Macs are the way to go for a new laptop. That is… if you only want a black one or a white one. NOT ME. You are able to run Windows on the new Macs now. I really like OS X and it is very simple to use. The next podcast will be on Macs.

  1. Asus Lamborghini VX2
  2. MacBook Pro
  3. Purple Laptop
  4. Acer Ferrari

Web Whys?
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Join Karri Flatla of Snap! Virtual Associates Inc. and Tawnya Sutherland of Mediamage Business Solutions your Internet Marketing experts who answer your online business marketing questions: 

Meta-tags and WHY we should use them in our websites to help us rank higher in the search engines.

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