After a short hiatus, The VA Talk Show is back stronger than ever!  Thanks for your patience and in appreciation we have another informative yet entertaining show for entrepreneurs working from home, especially the Virtual Assistant. Today’s lineup will give you more inside info on not only marketing your business but some tricks and tips to help you take your business to that higher level of success you only hear about others reaching.

We have Bonnie Jo Davis here to talk about article marketing, information on a new way to outsource your work plus Karri and I will be gabbing about niching your business.  Oh, and we FINALLY caught up to Brent who claims to be somewhere in Paris and he’s got another great RocNtalk for us too.

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Below are the SHOW NOTES as promised for your surfing convenience. And, without further adieu, enjoy!

VA Feature
Click to interact at the VAnetworking Forum with Bonnie Jo Davis of Articles That Sell.

Bonnie Jo Davis is a Virtual Assistant and Article Marketing Expert with over twenty-five years of administrative and marketing experience. Bonnie specializes in frugal marketing techniques that leverage technology and her favorite technique is article marketing. Eleven years ago her first speaker client asked Bonnie to help him get published in several industry magazines. This is when Bonnie realized the power of publishing articles to promote your business and services. That speaker received several writing assignments that enabled him to be on the cover of several leading magazines. Consulting and speaking engagements began flooding the office to the point where other marketing techniques were abandoned. Fast forward eleven years and Bonnie is still leveraging articles to promote for herself and her clients both on-line and off. Today her greatest pleasure is to help entrepreneurs build their businesses using article marketing.  Visit Bonnie’s Website.

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Roc Talk
Click here to interact at the VAnetworking Forum with Brent Reilly

Brent Reilly of PC Computer Help talks about Proper Computer Maintenance Techniques and left us this message…

I am sorry I do not have my show notes for what I talked about. My thumb drive with all my information was corrupted in the X-ray machine in Marseilles. I was in such a hurry to leave my last residence, that I forgot all my paperwork & my laptop battery was dying. I was able to find an internet cafe, in Geneva, to upload my files so click here to enjoy!

Web Whys?
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Join Karri Flatla of snap! Virtual Associates Inc. and Tawnya Sutherland of Mediamage Business Solutions your Internet Marketing experts who answer your online business marketing questions: 

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