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VA Industry Spotlight
Click to interact at the VANA Forum with Paula Williams

Paula Williams of Money Penny Assistants tells us all about life as a Virtual Assistant on the road.


For the last seven years Paula has been traveling, living full-time in an RV with her boyfriend, a contract helicopter pilot and their 12 yr old 3 legged dog. Prior to running off into life’s newest adventure, Paula was coordinator of a busy Visitors Bureau in California. As her first experience with the tourism industry; this helped encouraged the travel bug to take hold. In 2005, she started searching the web for “at home” opportunities to utilize her administrative, organizational and customer service skills.

Researching the VA Industry, finding support on a message forum, and following the advice from books on the subject, such as Become a Highly Successful, Sought after VA by Diana Ennen, she registered her first business license and started her own VA business, Moneypenny Assistants.  

Guest Speaker
Click here to interact at the VANA Forum with Lauren Hidden

Lauren Hidden of The Hidden Helpers talks to us about writing it right.

Hidden and her associates provide ghostwriting, editing and related services to fiction and non-fiction authors, as well as business and promotional writing to entrepreneurs nationwide.

In addition to the many books Lauren has edited for her clients, she has co-authored two books: Write It Right: The Ground Rules for Self-Editing Like the Pros and Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow a Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice.

Lauren serves on the Board of Directors for the International Virtual Assistants Association and as Managing Editor for IVAACast, the association’s online magazine. She also serves a Director on the Board of the Central Pennsylvania Association of Female Executives.

She lives just outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons.

Lauren also enjoys blogging about virtual assistance, writing, editing, and related topics on her two blogs: and

Links mentioned during show:

Roc Talk
Click here to interact at the VANA Forum with Brent Reilly

Brent Reilly of PC Computer Help who gives us a better understanding about the importance of backing up and storage options.

Click to view Brent’s Cubase – WOOHOO!

Web Whys?
Click here to interact at the VANA Forum with Karri and Tawnya

Karri Flatla and Tawnya Sutherland talk about WHY writing articles can benefit your VA business.

Some article submission websites:
200+ Article Submission Sites
Another Free Article Submission List

VANA’s Virtual Assistant Article Directory – Over 200+ articles containing the phrase virtual assistance or Virtual Assistant.

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